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Stress Relief Austin

Stress management in Austin TxStress relief in Austin is quickly becoming a necessity for almost everybody. With the rapid population growth, tech boom and housing market explosion, people are confronted with traffic-related stress, work stress, and even other stressed-out people that are sometimes being rude. To get the best help to get back on track, you are looking for intuitive, proven methods that are backed up with practical research and brain science (neurology & neuropsychology), not just anecdotal success stories and metaphors. You want the stress management skills that have been proven to reduce irritability and blood pressure, and improve communication and resiliency.

Based on your assessed personality type (we use the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator), you will learn to “take back control” by effectively managing your stress so that it is not the driving force in your life, but is instead simply an indicator of where to exert influence. Stress becomes a tool for you, rather than a destructive force.

When people take control of how they respond to stress, they often report that relationships become closer and more intimate, and a sense of control over their lives takes hold.

Results Driven

You will enjoy the benefits of Individualized Stress Relief techniques if you:

  • Have a racing mind that keeps you awake
  • Are becoming pessimistic or irritable
  • Have headaches, stomach issues, etc
  • Are becoming more forgetful and clumsy
  • Engage in road-rage
  • Yell at your kids or spouse too much
  • Dread going to work or school
  • Find yourself fantasizing about a different life
  • Are sick and tired of trying

In less than a month, you can be on track to regain control of your life. Call (512) 920-3083 to get started.

  • Stress relief means recognizing what stress is trying to tell you, then acting accordingly. This means that you leverage stress by turning it into useful information that guides your decisions.–Jonathan F. Anderson, LPC-s


Featured article: Stress and family

Most people know immediately who can stress them out most efficiently (and effectively): those closest to them–the family. There are a few reasons for this. First, we trust them to love us anyway. Second, we are around them more, which means more time to wear on our nerves. And third, because we are around them so much and and know them better than most, we know their buttons better . . . and when we are in our Shadow Personality (our stressed self), we are more likely to poke at those buttons.

In this article we get into some of the dynamics you may see in your family, and some ideas for how to manage, and even leverage, stress in the family.

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We will work with you to learn about how you respond to stress, your specific circumstances, and your natural skill set for overcoming stress. Once we develop your custom stress management techniques, we will continue to offer you the support you need to create a healthy lifestyle that puts you back in the driver’s seat.To learn more, Contact Us now! We can schedule appointments for office visits, telephone sessions or Skype sessions.