Stress Management in Austin

Stress Management Austin

Stress management helps you:

  • A more balanced life
  • To enjoy their career again
  • Plenty of time with family and friends
  • To be free of prolonged irritability
  • To get a full night’s sleep

To get there, we help you:

  • Recognize the causes/triggers of your stress
  • Learn about how you respond to stress
  • Develop new, custom stress management techniques
  • Recognize the benchmark signs of success that help you to continue your plan
  • Identify resources to keep you on track

We begin by giving you direct online access to the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) so that you can complete the questionnaire at your convenience.  The questionnaire only takes 15 to 25 minutes to complete.

Remember, it’s that first step that gets the momentum moving. It’s often one of the hardest, so please get in touch to begin.

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What to expect

We will receive your results immediately, and before your initial session, we will already have ideas to present to you. During this initial 90-minute session, we will:

  • Review your MBTI profile
  • Build a results oriented, action plan that fits your life
  • Help you recognize stress triggers and responses unique to your personality

When you think of “Stress Management” you may have ideas about sitting quietly on a hillside, pondering the wind and the trees.  While a nice image, and perhaps relaxing, the rest of us think in terms of how the heck do we make it though the day without getting stressed-out and biting somebody’s head off; especially if they are family/friends.

Our goal is to help you attain a sense of mastery over yourself so that you can confidently face stress without fear and over-thinking. You want a structured plan that works so that your stress management techniques become automatic. Because we accurately assess your personality type, your techniques will likely be almost 2nd nature right from the start!


How can stress management help with MY stress?

By understanding your personality tendencies, along with what is happening to your mind and body, we can develop a plan that will help you to counteract the negative effects of prolonged stress. Since stress is a normal part of life, we cannot simply get rid of it; instead, we learn how to harness the heightened awareness state that stress creates.

How we can help

How you respond to stress will include some areas that are healthy and can be built on, and tools that may not be working so well. We assess your strongest personality-type traits, and provide a custom Stress Management Report that we use to develop a stress relief plan that is unique to you and your circumstances.

Lets Get Started

Let us help you find the very best tools to help you manage stress, and get back to enjoying life.  Start by Contacting Us to take your Myers-Briggs. After your first session, you will be well on your way to effective stress management.